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From 100 point and shoots to thousand pound plus DSLRs, the digital camera is one of the most expensive bits of tech we buy. More and more people are getting into photography as a hobby, or just getting the best equipment their money can buy for those special family occassions. Whether you're a die hard pap in training, or just looking for the perfect holiday album, you need the best protection for your expensive gear. is a new specialist insurance provider which specialises in insurance for cameras and any other mobile gadget or phone you might have in your holdall.

Insurance for Cameras

There's no worse sound than the crack as your prized digital camera bounces off the pavement as that glass is precision ground to give you the perfect optic. One small crack and the whole thing is ruined and unusable. But rather than spend your day worrying about what could happen, why not get cover today and spend your time worrying only about composition and lighting! You can find great value insurance for cameras at where cover starts from just a few pounds a month.

Cheap Cover for Cameras

In the same way you likely shopped around to get the best price for your kit, you'd want to shop around to find the best insurance. Thankfully cheap cover for cameras is not difficult to find - just click the get a quote button above to get a great price and flexible cover from the newest provider on the web. It takes only a few seconds to get an online quote and you can be covered in just a couple of minutes. Policy documents will be sent to you instantly and help is just a call away where our professional and friendly advisors are waiting to take your call.

Don't get stung with high insurance prices, and don't feel that protection is something you can't afford. Cheap cover for cameras is only a click away at!